Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This should be weirder, right?

Ok, so I've been seeing a pretty fabulous gal for almost 3 months now. Fabulous how, you ask? Well, she gets my oddball sense of humor, has zero judgment about my somewhat tawdry past, and is pretty much the best quality human being I've ever personally known. She has a great family, has done some pretty wonderful things with her life, and just took care of my sick, whiny ass with the sweetest demeanor and sense of humor possible.

And I keep on wondering when this is going to feel weird. I mean... I'm in a relationship (yup, we're girlfriends) with a woman. Like, she has no penis. A genuine, vag-card carrying woman. A lesbian. So why does this feel so comfortable? I didn't even need a burn-in period.

Honestly, the not feeling weird about this whole thing is kinda weirding me out.

It started with the friends and family - I thought I'd get at least some push-back from my mother. Nada. Was pretty sure my friends would, I dunno - make fun of me or something. I mean, I am kind of a goofy person, and wouldn't it be just like me to go dating a woman, just for kicks. Nope - nothing but support and well-wishes. I can't even get strangers on the street to look at us funny. Hand-holding and any PDA are generally ignored. Hello, people - can someone make a big deal about this??

Anyone? Bueller?

Turns out the people in my life genuinely want my happiness, and strangers don't matter / give a fuck. This was... easier than expected.

And it's fucking weirding me out!!

More than that, there's not a whole lot of drama in our relationship. I mean, it's so fucking peaceful and loving, I make myself sick with the sweetness. There's none of that "does she or doesn't she?". She does. Without reserve or fear. She totally does. It's almost anti-climactic. I find a great person to be with, and it's... wonderful. Calm and wonderful.

It took me a few weeks to be ok with that, y'know?

So now what the fuck do I do with this blog? I could say something completely cynical, but I'm not going to. Instead, it turns out, there's a lot going on in this wacky head of mine. So, I'll still blog about love, for sure. But it's a big world and a big life, and I have a lot of big ideas. So I'm opening the focus of this here blog, and I hope you'll enjoy the results.


  1. What? I poke fun at y'all. That doesn't count? :P - Love, Mary

  2. Yeah, but in a way that shows you 'get it'. Bah.

  3. OMG! You are dating a girl?? That is so weird!! There did that help? ;-) -Meghan

  4. I'm still totally shocked, enough for each person in Austin!!! But shocked and so happy too! Right before my eyes, I have seen two people become one big ball of mushy mush. :)